Goodyear is the ultimate authority when it comes to heavy OTR tyres. The casing of these OTR tyres have no equal and the high quality rubber prevents flat tyres. Goodyear OTR tyres are made of durable compounds, which make them extremely suitable for heavy loads. They also provide excellent traction.

Example of a Goodyear OTR type
Goodyear Dozer and Loader OTR tyres for use in "Dig and Load" will not build up when operating. With the advent of new earthmover operational techniques, loaders are increasingly being used as transport vehicles.

When a loader is used to haul material distances greater than 15 meters, the operation is classified as "Load and Carry". Since this type of service involves speeds of more than 10 km/h over considerable distances, tyre heat build-up must be taken into consideration to ensure optimum tyre performance.

Tyre heat build-up is a function of the amount of work the tyre is doing. The increased thickness and higher load carrying requirements of Goodyear Dozer and Loader OTR tyres necessitates the use of a tyre limitation system: The Work Capability Factor rating system. The Work Capability Factor rating system provides the guidelines to select the correct Goodyear OTR tyre for the job requirement.