Battery tester BAT-002

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Battery tester used when starting up a vehicle resulting from a faulty battery. Its easy-to-use features allow for a smooth and professional use of the tester. It tests charged and discharged batteries. It allows testing in international standards SAE, DIN, EN, IEC, JIS. During testing, hints are displayed to speed up the selection of the relevant items in the display.

● Supported batteries: 6V and 12V (Flooded, VRLA / GEL, AGM S, AGM F)
● START & STOP operation: 12V (EFB, AGM)
● Measuring range: 40-2000 CCA (SAE)
● LCD display: 2
Lines, 16 characters
● Measurement standards: SAE (CCA), DIN, EN, IEC, JIS

● Length: 190 mm
● Width: 115 mm
● Height: 50 mm