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Aggressive extra deep tread pattern offers long even tread wear, a cooler running design and improved traction.



  • Extra deep tread pattern
  • A sidewall scallop is used for reduced temperature build-up
  • High Angle / Non-Directional tread pattern
  • Interlocking stability blading
  • High Net-to-Gross tread pattern


  • Helps provide longer tread wear
  • Allows for a higher TMPH rating for improved overall performance
  • Helps provide traction both forward and backward
  • Helps improve footprint stability and additional heat relief
  • Places more wearable tread on the ground


Rim Width & Flange 24.00-5.0

Min. Dual Spacing (in) 42.3

Overall Width (in) 37.1

Overall Diameter (in)  120.6

Load Sect. & Growth (in)  42.1

Static Load Radius (in) 53.7

Revolutions per Mile 174

Gross Contact Area (in2) 1046

Tire Volume (gal) 804

Tread Depth (1/32in) 110

TMPH (2S) 540

TMPH (4S) 410

TMPH (6S) 285