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The optimum footprint and load distribution of this 150-level radial rock tire are made possible by a flat tread design that gives it a long, even wear. A solid centreline section is ideal for high torque applications and provides a smooth ride. Impact resistance is provided by a high tensile steel belt package.


  • Solid centreline section
  • 150-Level tread depth -- 50% deeper than standard E-3
  • Tire available in multiple tread compounds
  • Radial construction
  • High tensile steel belt package


  • Ideal for high torque applications, longer wear and smooth ride
  • Extra tread for long wear
  • Type 2 available for long high speed application, Type 3 available for intermittent high speed application, Type 4 available for standard haulage application and Type 6 available for abrasion resistance
  • Better fuel economy, softer ride and improved treadwear
  • Impact resistant


Rim Width & Flange 27.00-6.0

Min. Dual Spacing (in) 48.5

Overall Width (in) 42.1

Overall Diameter (in)  135.8

Load Sect. & Growth (in)  47.1

Static Load Radius (in) 61.6

Revolutions per Mile 155

Gross Contact Area (in2) 1345

Tire Volume (gal) 1298.8

Tread Depth (1/32in) 108

TMPH (2S) 550

TMPH (4S) 410

TMPH (6S) 245