ALASKA START HFO - Automatic A/C filling unit (1234yf)

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ALASKA START HFO is a device used to fill and diagnose air conditioning units with the new refrigerant HFO-1234yf. Compliant with the provisions of European and American safety regulations as well as the recommendations of SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) guidelines. The refrigerant recover and charging functions are improved in order to guarantee maximum precision and exceptionally easy normal/special maintenance management. The efficiency of the ventilation system guarantees the best heat dissipation properties while the placement of the tachometric fan on the bottom of the device enables the removal of escaped gas and evacuating it outside using the ventilation system of the repair shop. Possibility of refrigerant identification with an optional identifier.Innowacyjne alarmy robocze sygnalizują nieprawidłowości działania urządzenia, instalacji samochodowej i serwisu technicznego.

• Programmer and high quality electronic solenoid control system
• Refrigerant identifier (optional)
• Safety valves
• Pressure sensors
• Three analog pressure gauges
• Two manual valves
• Three tanks for fresh oil, used oil and dye
• Printer (optional)
• 3 m service conduits with possibility of extension, compliant with J2888
• Clear alphanumeric display
• Additional pressure gauge for internal cylinder pressure indication
• Integrated electronic database used for, e.g., secondary vehicle identification based on the registration number together with a database of recent servicing
• Nitrogen port (optional)
• System flushing port
• POE/UV container (hybrid vehicles) with a quick coupling connector
• Parker quick coupling connector compliant with J2888

• recovery of the A/C system refrigerant
• cleaning the refrigerant of mechanical impurities
• water removal by refrigerant filtration
• separation of the refrigerant from oil in the system
• measurement of the amount of recovered refrigerant
• measurement of the amount of recovered oil
• test for the presence of residual refrigerant in the system
• system evacuation using a high performance vacuum pump
• system leakage test (negative pressure or overpressure with nitrogen)
• automatic or semi-automatic oil and dye injection in the amount set by the user or manual injection with visual control
• recovery of refrigerant from the conduits
• manual operation mode
• system flush using the refrigerant
• logging the 20 last services
• simple and inexpensive servicing
• refrigerant identification (optional)

• Refrigerant: R1234yf
• Electronic refrigerant scales: Accuracy +/- 10 g
• Used oil scales – Accuracy +/- 1 g
• Electronic vacuum gauge: Cl. 2.5
• Working capacity (tank): 7 kg R134a/1234yf
• Composite molecular sieve filter and mechanical filter (fine mesh)
• Vacuum pump 70 l/min
• Maximum negative pressure 0.05 mbar
• Cubic capacity of the compressor: 300 g/min
• 3 m conduits with possibility of extension
• Thermal printer (optional)
• Refrigerant identifier (optional)

Included with the station:
• Pair of protective gloves
• Safety goggles
• Set of external cylinder connections
• Standard weight for scales calibration
• Allen key for scales blocking/lowering
• Manual