B 225 A - Microprocessor Lcd Balancer, Automatic Start, Automatic Measurments, Wheel Guard Included. 40Mm Ø

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Microprocessor The B 225 A wheel balancer is a device equipped with self-calibration and self-diagnosis LCD. The device has 7 software options for alufelg. The balancer also has an auto-start feature that is activated when the cover is lowered. In addition to the aforementioned functions, the device also has an automatic meter for setting the wheel distance and diameter parameter as well as the automatic stop function at the end of rotation. In the balancer B 225 A It is possible to precisely determine the place where the weights were glued with moving planes. There is also an option of a mobile front base that also covers wheels up to 50kg. The weight that is mounted in the balancer gives the possibility of dividing the weight into two parts and changing its position by adjusting the spacing according to the spokes arrangement in the aluminum rims.

• microprocessor balancer with self-calibration and self-diagnosis.
• Automatic start after leaving the cover.
• automatic wheel stop at the end of rotation.
• Automatic meter for entering wheel distance and diameter.
• Low balancing speed.
• 7 programs for aluminum wheels.
• moving planes - accurately determining where the weight is to be glued.
• Hidden weight - split the weight into two parts and spread it behind the aluminum wheel spokes.
• Mobile front support base for wheels up to 50 kg (optional).

Technical data:
• Power supply: 115/2230 V - 1Ph - 50/60 Hz
• shaft diameter: 40 mm
• maximum tire diameter: 1117 mm
• maximum width of the tire: 600 mm
• rotational speed: 90 - 130 rpm
• maximum imbalance calculated: 999 gr
• Balancing time: 7 sec.
• Weight: 75 kg
• noise level during operation: 70 dB (A)