Bravo Line B 45 AD - Microprocessor Led Balancer, Automatic Start

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Main features: 1. Wheel balancer with high brightness digital display.Completely automatic cycle Software compatible with all types of steel and alloy wheels. Sturdily built and stable chassis for balancing wheels up to 70 kg.Side accessory supports designed to store universal flanges, cones and bushes. 2. Display: modern and practical high brightness digital display 3. Weight holder tray: ergonomic and spacious tray in highly resilient material for weights and work accessories. 4. Electronic input of wheel diameter and distance (B 45 AD version only). 5. ALU holder clip for weight positioning as standard. 6. Automatic brake to stop the wheel at the end of the spin. 7. Pedal hold brake (optional) for easy tightening/loosing of ring nut and weights application 8. TE40 Automatic external gauge for wheel width measuring (optional, B 45 AD version only). 9. PR44 Safety cover/splash guard for wheels up to 1110 mm. diameter (mandatory for CE-marking compliance). Special programmes: 10. Hidden weight: programme to locate the best out-of-sight position on custom wheels, for improved wheel aesthetics. 11. OPT flash: programme indicating ideal wheel/tyre assembly position to reduce overall wheel imbalance Technical data: Supply voltage 115/230 V-1 Ph-50/60 Hz Total power absorbtion 200W Shaft diameter 40 mm Spinning speed 150 - 200 r.p.m. Rim diameter setting range 1" ÷ 35" Rim diameter measurable 10" ÷ 26" Rim width setting range 1,5" ÷ 20" Max. wheel width (with guard) 22,8 Max. wheel diameter(with guard) 1110 mm (43,7”) Max. wheel weight (ground fastening) 70 kg Noise level when running < 70 dB (A) Machine weight (without accessories) 96 kg Machine dimensions (with guard) (AxBxH) 1625x1217x1280 mm Recommended accessories PR44 Safety cover/splash guard. SL-Ø “Weightless” effect lifter. TE40 Automatic external gauge (B 45 AD version only) PB NS Pedal brake CCK Customization panel (Available in different colors). ARF Off-road wheel centring kit Ø100÷118.5 mm. DX/CBF Centering accessory for vans Ø117÷173 mm.