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A 150-level, radial rock tire having a zig-zag centreline groove with submerged rib for good traction in soft soil applications. Can be specially compounded for high speed, long haul operations on severe rock jobs.


  • Submerged centreline zig-zag groove
  • Tapered shoulder lugs
  • 150-Level tread depth -- 50% deeper than standard E-3
  • Unique all natural compound
  • Radial construction
  • High tensile steel belt package


  • Ideal for high torque applications and superior lateral traction
  • Excellent forward traction and self-cleaning
  • Extra tread for long wear
  • Cooler running for long haul, high speed service
  • Better fuel economy, softer ride and improved treadwear
  • Impact resistant


Rim Width & Flange 19.50-4.0

Min. Dual Spacing (in) 35.1

Overall Width (in) 29.6

Overall Diameter (in)  106.3

Load Sect. & Growth (in)  33.4

Static Load Radius (in) 48.7

Revolutions per Mile 198

Gross Contact Area (in2) 704

Tire Volume (gal) 529.5

Tread Depth (1/32in) 81

TMPH (2S) 375

TMPH (4S) 300

TMPH (6S)180