300Bar Testing / 1 GDi / Fully Automatic Operation/Ultrasonic Cleaning Function/ Includes: 1xiPSC.08G, 1xR4L, 1xGDi-3A Adapter & 1xGDi-11A Adapter Optionals: RSP.02Gx1, UB-15s, Fluids, GDi Adapters, Low PressureTesting Capability 0-10bar

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Modern systems of direct gasoline injection (G-DI, FSI, HPI, JTS), for proper testing of injectors used in these systems, require devices with high operating pressure. Magneti Marelli offers devices for testing and cleaning such injectors.

Device characteristics:
• Test all types of electromagnetic and piezo injectors (0-300 V / 0-35A)
• Operation of 1 or 4 injectors (GDU4R)
• Working pressure up to 300 or 550 bar
• Electronic measuring system
• Dynamic mass measurement for the GDU*R series (accuracy: 0.2%, repeatability: 0.05%)
• Static mass measurement for GD1R series (Resolution: 0.1mm3, accuracy: 0.6%)
• Protect the control board from damage
• Unique PIEZO stack regeneration function
• Internal cleaning of injectors - MACC (versions * / F)
• Free database update
• Operation in automatic mode (only in GD1R-E / 30 manual pressure regulator)
• Test time: 5-15 mins (GDU2R / GDU4R) and 7-8 mins (GD1R)
• Built-in 10 “(8” GD1R) tablet with Android
• Clearly presented test results with the possibility of printing
• Available adapter for power supply all types of injectors

Performed tests:

Electrical test: kΩ/μF; Ω/mH
Check For Leaks test (injector internal or external)
Nozzle Leakage Test @High Pressure
iVM (FL, PL, EM, LL, PI)
Injector Volume Measuring test (full-load, part-load, emissions, low-load, pre/post-injection tests and more…)
Injector nozzle Response-time test.
Dynamic Spray test performed in all testing conditions.