ALASKA PREMIUM - Automatic A/C filling unit R134a(Conversion 1234yf),Container 25kg,LCD

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ALASKA PREMIUM is a fully automatic Magneti Marelli device designed for the diagnostics and operation of air conditioning systems. Built-in database of passenger and delivery cars, trucks and agricultural machines greatly improves the vehicle service speed.

The device enables easy service interventions of two kinds:
1) Manual: the operator carries out the refrigerant recovery, evacuation, oil injection, charging, flushing.
2) Automatic: the operations are carried out automatically by selecting the car model from the database or in an automatic programmable cycle (without the help of the operator, with individual function settings made by the user).
The device is equipped with a database of recent service operations and diagnostics helpful in the identification of A/C system problems as well as nitrogen testing with the use of the built-in pressure sensor. The system flushing function removes oil contamination. All operations displayed on a readable LCD screen are printed out.

• Programmer and high quality electronic solenoid control system
• Safety valves
• Pressure sensors
• Cylinder pressure sensor (cylinder pressure measurement with alarm)
• Additional refrigerant cooler (with electric fan)
• Two analog pressure gauges with suggested values
• Thermal printer
• Built-in database of passenger and delivery cars, trucks and agricultural machines with possibility of adding new vehicles, diagnostics and recent service database.
• Electronic scales for oil and refrigerant
• 3 m service conduits with possibility of extension
• LCD display
• Four tanks for recovered oil, new oil, dye and oil for hybrid vehicles, heating belt, system flushing port
• POE/UV container (hybrid vehicles) with a quick coupling connector
• Nitrogen port (max 15 bar), USB interface

Device functions:
• recovery of the A/C system refrigerant
• cleaning the refrigerant of mechanical impurities
• water removal by refrigerant filtration
• separation of the refrigerant from oil in the system
• measurement of the amount of recovered refrigerant
• test for the presence of residual refrigerant in the system
• system evacuation using a high performance vacuum pump system leakage test
• automatic weight-based oil injection in the amount set by the user or manual injection with visual control
• recovery of refrigerant from the conduits
• manual operation mode
• logging the performed operations in a customer-friendly printed format system flush using the refrigerant
• system diagnostics with printout, in/out refrigerant balance
• simple and inexpensive servicing
• automatic or manual discharge of non-condensed gas
• Database update via USB
• Nitrogen connection possibility, measurement by the pressure sensor in the station
• Possibility of converting to the R1234yf refrigerant

• Refrigerant: R134a/1234yf
• Electronic refrigerant scales: Accuracy +/- 10 g
• Electronic new/used oil scales: accuracy +/- 1 g
• Electronic vacuum gauge: Cl. 1.0
• 3 m conduits, low/high pressure gauges: Cl. 1.6
• Internal tank capacity: 25kg/27l
• Cubic capacity of the compressor: 300 g/min
• Pump capacity: 100 l/min
• Final vacuum level: 5 Pa - 0.05 mbar
• Composite molecular sieve filter
• Mechanical filter (fine mesh), thermal printer

Included with the station:
Pair of protective gloves, safety goggles, set of external cylinder connections, standard weight for scales calibration, allen key for scales blocking/lowering, instruction manual.