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Our Alt Diag Pro is a test bench that allows you to check the alternator or starter performance and performance. This device evaluates the measurement results by helping to diagnose faulty circuit components that may occur on individual components of the alternator or starter tested. Our test bench is mainly used for testing 12Valternators and currents up to 300A and alternators with 24V and currents up to 150A as well as for testing starters of similar performance.

Supported interfaces for communication with the alternator include:
• C,
• SIG,
• RLO,

The following types of automated alternator testing are supported:
1) Standard, which allows to record the maximum current under load, not exceeding the determined value during the test.
2) Efficiency, which give the maximum load current without imposing any restrictions, checking the alternator under load under extreme conditions.

Usage parameters:
• Power supply by connecting a 400V 50Hz frequency at a rated current of 16A in a system with 3P + N + PE terminals. 3.3
• The compressor connected to the test bench is in a system where the 1/2 "pneumatic quick coupler provides safe operating conditions. Such arrangement provides conditions of operation up to a maximum pressure of up to 10Bar.
• A touch screen that allows, among other things, changes in configuration and position settings, while providing comfortable control conditions and clarity of displayed information and messages along with the parameters being analyzed.

The parameters that can be measured and analyzed by the user include:
• maximum starter power,
• maximum starter current (starting current),
• average starter voltage
• average starter current,

The parameters to be analyzed by Alt Diag Pro include:
• graph of current ripple,
• maximum alternator current,
• alternator leakage current,
• Voltage Set Point,
• Turn On Speed,
• DFM value,
• Performance curve,
• maximum alternator power,
• WINDING value.

The benefits of Alt Diag Pro include:
• Compact size (80 x 70 x 110 )

• Tests all modern type of alternators (Com, Sig, Rlo, RVC,C,PD, DFM)
• 8,5 PS engine
• 12 and 24 volts
• Tests alternator up to 300 amps
• Pneumatic belt tension
• 15 inches industrial touch screen
• Supports wireless printing of results
• Database to perform automatic tests of alternators
• Energy recovery system instead of resistors for loading alternators
• Database updatable by USB
• Best quality components
• Made in EU
• CE certificate