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Battery Tester Basic is a more compact version of the Battery Tester, has a print function and all the tests provided by Battery Tester.

Tester of the battery, charging efficiency and voltage drop values, equipped with a printer. The Magneti Marelli Battery Tester is a universal tester for checking both the condition of the battery itself as well as the cooperating elements - alternator and starter; it is also possible to monitor voltage drops under the starter load, and the receivers used while driving (heating windows, lights, etc.). All the operations, as well as the printout itself, can be presented in Polish language.

• current voltage
• inrush current
• graphical percentage summary of the battery state and its degree of charge
• recommendations concerning the battery (charging, replacement, urgent replacement).

All the tests can be carried out on the following batteries:
• Gel,
• AGM (automatic),
• VRLA (partially automatic),
• SLI (standard).

Inrush current can be supplied in compliance with one of the following norms:
• SAE,
• EN,
• IEC,
• JIS.

• voltage drop on ignition
• test of charging without the load (checking the alternator and voltage regulator)
• test of charging under the load (also checking the efficiency of on-board electrical devices)
• voltage stability test (checking the voltage regulator and the alternator diode)

PRINTER: All the tests carried out by MM Battery Tester not only can be viewed on a large and clear display equipped with adjustable backlighting, but they can also be immediately printed using the built-in printer. Such a print contains all the tested data, providing the customer with full information, both concerning the battery state and the state of alternator and voltage regulator.

MM Battery Tester is an extremely easy to use and user friendly advice. All the available tests are carried out step by step, according with the instructions given by the tester.