Charge Battery tester with AMP clamps (50A charging) (120A) crancking

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Battery tester with charger 50A and startup function 120A with amperometric clamps is a device that allows you to check the discharge level of the battery with the function of charging and starting the car. The device is intended for 12V batteries and also in some applications for 24V batteries.

The amperometric clamp accessory provides the ability to measure electrical system parameters without having to disconnect wires and work on open systems for enhanced security and ease of use.

The tester kit comes with a software tester software CD that includes a software installation driver and user manual. This gives you access to extensive user functions.

Each measurement and operation performed by the device is recorded in the device memory and then printed using the built-in printer device. Also the date of measurement can be recorded on the printout and in memory, which can be set manually in the device settings.

At the same time, the display, which is built into the device, provides the current readings of measured results and parameters, which simplifies the use of this device and gives it the status of top-of-the-line devices.

The device supports all popular batteries:
• SAE (CCA) (200-3000Ah)
• EN (190-2830Ah)
• IEC (135-1985Ah)
• DIN (115-1685Ah)

Operating temperature: 0 to 50 ° C

Application Batteries of 12V for Start/Stop systems Batteries and systems of 12V / 24V - start function Quick recharging after the test
Testing Start-Stop batterries YES
Scope of battery capacity (SAE) 200-3000
Range of voltage (V) 1,5V-30V
Temperature compensation YES
Test of charging system / starting a vehicle YES
Display LCD / 4-line
USB function YES
PC Software YES
Thermal printer YES
Removable cables YES
Length of cables 2,5M
ZRange of load for clamps 10-600
Range of voltage measurements 1.5V-60V
Terminal/Accessory Printer Paper Optional Clamp Amp & test probe
Dimensions: DxSxW (cm) 33 * 30 * 20cm