Device Es 3 For Cleaning Engine, Valves, Dpf Filter

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Device operation:
The ES.3 device guides the user step by step through the fuel system cleaning cycle. Informations are displayed on the LCD screen. Automatic operation mode that does not require mechanical intervention during the procedure of cleaning. Fuel pressure generated by the device is automatically adjusted to the pressure in the vehicle’s fuel system. Power is supplied from a serviced vehicle - 12V.

Device characteristics:
Automatic cleaning device for gasoline and diesel fuel systems in:
• motorcycle
• passenger cars
• light duty trucks
• heavy duty trucks
• buses
• marines

Supported systems:
• Common-Rail
• Conventional Diesel
• Gasoline Direct Injection (G-DI, FSI, HPI, etc.)
• Conventional Fuel Injection (MPFI / TBI / CIS)
• Carburator

Device features:
• Dual-Tank system
• Automatic Pressure adjustment
• Adaptability to all makes and models
• Intake manifold cleaning with adapter unit1 (IMC.01)
• Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning with adapter unit1 (DPF.01)
• Automatic /manual functions
• On-Display guide with language localization
• Upgradeable & User-friendly
• Operating interface user-friendly
• Polish language Software
• Portable, Lightweight and Robust product

Thanks to fuel system treatment device like ES.3, it is possible to:
• Exhaust emissions reduction more than 70%
• Maximum restoration of engine’s performance
• Reduction of fuel consumption
• Common-Rail system cleaning
• High Pressure pump conditioning
• De-carbonization of the combustion chamber
• De-carbonizing of Intake Manifold and throttle body
• Optimum fuel combustion
• Blocked valves and piston rings release
• De-carbonization of the catalytic converter & DPF
• Fading of engine knocking
• Prevention of long term expensive repairs