Emergency booster start "Hybrid Starter" 12-24 V 7500 A <200 Ah

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This is a brand-new ignition system that can be used when the vehicle won’t switch on due to low battery. It does not contain batteries, it is lightweight (less than 5 kg), it does not need to be kept charged, it can also start the vehicle when it is not fully charged (it is automatically charged when it is connected to a battery, even if it is not able to start the vehicle). Super fast charging from another battery in less than 60 seconds while it takes approximately 5 minutes to fully charge from the power supply unit contained in the pack.

Technical Information:
• Extremely low weight compared with traditional products.
• Charging in just a few seconds when necessary
• It guarantees up to 1,000,000 starts at ambient temperature
• It ensures the same performance in all environmental conditions, from the first to the last day
• It uses the remaining battery energy and transforms it into power to enable a prompt start.
• It is based on fast-charging electrostatic technology that interacts and supports the existing energy source
• It does not interfere with vehicle electronics
• it does not use electrochemical batteries: it doesn’t need to be kept charged and it works in extreme temperatures extreme (-40°C ÷ +65°C) with Technical specifications 12 V 12 / 24 V *