Fully Automatic Function/ 4 Injectors/Electronic Pressure Control 0-10Bar/Auto iVM-iRF Function/ Includes: EXCL-ADAPT KIT, UB-15s, Accessories - Kit, Fluids / Optionals: ETEC-ADAPT, PS1

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Device characteristics:

Automatic device for testing petrol injectors, including:
• Multi-point MPI injection
• Single-point TBI injection
• HPI, FSI direct injection, GDI in the low pressure range

Thanks to the GS series devices, it is possible to detect the causes of incorrect engine operation:
• Increased exhaust emission
• Reduced engine performance (power, torque)
• Increased fuel consumption
• Failure of direct injection systems (leaks, pressure drop)
• “Hard” engine idling, engine stalling
• Problems with the engine starting
• Thanks to the use of illuminated (high brightness LED diodes) measurement tubes it is possible to observe and evaluate:
• Uniformity of the injected fuel jet
• The shape of the fuel stream
• Amount of fuel - iVM test. (with an accuracy of ± 1ml / 130ml)

• Operating pressure: 0-10 bar
• Gasoline Direct Injectors tested up to 10 Bar
• Fully programmable Test-Plans
• Variable & Customizable
• Test-Plans
• Engine load Simulation Tests
• Ergonomic and dynamic and user-friendly design
• Short testing time required / Automatic function
• Ergonomic, robust, fast & simple injector clamping
• Spray and Volume test
• Injector Protection circuit
• Injector Reverse flush after U/Sonic cleaning

Standard Kit
• Set of Fuel Rail & Adapters for all makes and types of Top-Feed Injectors

007935095360 GS2.10 Gasoline Injectors Tester With Ultrasonic Cleaner Gs2
007935095370 GS4.10 Gasoline Injectors Tester With Ultrasonic Cleaner Gs4
007935101640 GS2.20 Gasoline Injectors Tester With Ultrasonic Cleaner Gs2 Exclusive adapter kit
007935101650 GS4.20 Gasoline Injectors Tester With Ultrasonic Cleaner Gs4 Exclusive adapter kit