Lightning aligment device SMART-digital measurment

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Mechanical device for controlling the setting of lights with digital luksomierzem. This type of tool is designed for professional and efficient control and setting of lights in all types of cars. The instrument is simple and intuitive to use, allowing for convenience and at the same time professional use in car workshops where the service and operation of vehicle lighting is performed. Our device consists of a measuring element in the form of a head equipped with a smart lens in the front part while in the rear part you can observe the results on the mounted screen. The components are made of alloys that are so matched that the measurements are of highest precision and at the same time ensure the safety of use and durability to the conditions prevailing in the car workshops. The screen on your device is used to fine-tune the instrument settings by adjusting the location of the vehicle.

Technical data:
• A column with counterweight, the operator can move the optical box in two directions, touching it slightly
• Plastic Injection moulded optical box contains a glass lens with a diameter of 230 mm: The design features allow to control deviation from the mechanical position of the light beam by 1 cm/10 m
• The base is made of aluminum and steel alloy and has 3 adjustable wheels for an ideal setting for your flooring
• Measuring the correctness of the adjustment of dipped beam and main beam and fog 
• Measurement of the light intensity of the dipped beam and the road 
• Measurement of luminous flux deflection in horizontal plane 
• Precise positioning of the lens with 8 bearings enables quick measurements. 
• Digital display showing directly the result for the luminous intensity of the spotlight in the Kilokandeli [KCD] 
• Adjustable headlight control with 0 – 4% control 
• Easy and quick reading of measured parameters 
• Laser Viewfinder 
• Laser-based 
• Light intensity measurement in 1 Klux/KCD or Lux
• diagnostics for 170cm