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BATTERY TESTER Universal tester for testing the condition of the battery and its associated parts such as the alternator and starter. It also monitors voltage drops when the battery is under load from the starter and the other devices used while the vehicle is being driven (window heater, lights, etc.). All tests can be performed on the following batteries: gel, AGM (automatic charge); VRLA (semi-automatic charge), SLI (standard) and Start&Stop. The inrush current can be supplied in compliance with one of the following standards: SAE, EN, IEC, DIN and JIS. All tests carried out by the battery tester can not only be viewed on a large, clear screen with adjustable backlighting, but they can also be printed immediately thanks to a built-in printer. The print-out contains all the test data and even gives the customer full information on the status of the battery, alternator and voltage regulator.

Technical parameters:
• For battery testing of 6 or 12 V
• For charging systems with 12 or 24 V voltage
• Operating temperature 0 - 50 ° C
• Additional power 4 x 1.5V (AA)
• Liquid crystal display
• Protection against polarization
• Test and bar code printout containing all parameters of the test battery
• Thermal Printer
• An additional PC program that allows you to read archived test codes

Battery tests:
 current voltage

 inrush current
 Graphical percentage of battery status and charge level.
 Battery recommendations (recharge, replace, change urgently)

All tests can be performed on rechargeable batteries: gel, AGM (maintenance free), VRLA (partially maintenance free), SLI (standard), Start & Stop

The starting current can be specified in one of the SAE, EN, IEC, DIN and JIS standards.

Vehicle tests:
- voltage drop on ignition
- no load test (alternator and voltage regulator)
- loading test under load (also checking the efficiency of on-board electrical equipment)
- voltage stability test (checking voltage regulator and alternator diodes)

Printer: All tests performed using the MM Battery Tester can not only be viewed on a large and legible display equipped with backlight control but also instantly printed using the built-in printer. This printout contains all the data checked during the test, giving the customer full information about both the battery and the alternator and the voltage regulator. The MM Battery Tester is an extremely easy-to-use and user-friendly device. All available tests are performed step by step, according to the instructions given by the tester