Microprocessor Lcd Balancer, Automatic Start, Automatic Position Searching, Wheel Guard Included. 40Mm Ø

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• professional, computer aided wheel balancing machine for passenger car, truck and motorcycle wheels with LCD screen.• automatic start-up after lowering the cover.
• automatic self-diagnosis after the start
• automatic slow-down of the wheel at the end of rotation.
• automatic rim width measurement (option).
• variable balancing speed.
• shaft blocking brake (steered by a button).
• movable platforms - exact indication of a place where the counter weight should be glued.
• RPA - automatic wheel adjustment in the position where the counter weight should be placed.
• hidden counter weight - division of the counter weight in two and its installation behind the spokes of an alu rim.
• division of the counter weight - division of the counter weight in two equal parts and its installation on both sides of the spoke (motocycle program).
• “OPT flash” program for eliminating the remaining unbalance.
• mobile front base supporting wheels up to 50kg (option). TECHNICAL DATA:
• power supply: 115/2230 V - 1Ph - 50/60 Hz
• shaft diameter: 40 mm
• maximum wheel diameter: 1117 mm
• maxiumum wheel width: 600 mm
• rotation speed: 90-130 rpm
• max. calculable value of unbalance: 999 grams
• balancing time: 7 sec.
• weight: 75 kg
• noise level in course of operation: 70 dB (A)

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT FOR WHEEL BALANCING MACHINES car wheel geometry MAGNETI MARELLI C200 Car wheel geometry adjusting device C200 is an computer-based tool for controlling and adjusting car wheel alignment and vehicle axle inclination. Measuring and adjustment device for car wheel alignment with CCD cameras - 8 sensors.

• fully wireless 2,4 GHz comunication between heads
• light and solidly-made measuring heads equipped with electronic levels.
• PC computer, colour printer, LCD screen, movable case for kit elements.
• extended, multi-model car database with the possibility of on-line adding and updating of vehicles.
• professional software including all indispensable functionalities and providing the user with step-by-step guidance through the measuring procedure.
• SPOILER option for vehicles with lowered spoilers and suspension.
• Simultaneous overview of relating parameters on one screen.
• two compensation methods: lifting or rolling of the vehicle.
• head battery power level indicator.
• head testing program.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT SHOULD INCLUDE 007960001150 Control cabinet with the PC, brake and steering wheel blockade, 4 measuring heads, vehicle database 007960001240 17” Color LCD screen 007960001250 Color printer 007960001190 2 standard grips 10” – 21” - 2 pcs. 007960001200 Mechanical turntable of 50 mm height 007960001210 Expand panels (if there is a repair pit) - 2 pcs. OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT 007960001180 2 HANDLES 10” – 26” 007960001385 STEERING WHEEL LEVEL 007960001395 TURNTABLE PAD KIT 007960001360 ANIMATIONS FACILITATING THE REQUIRED ADJUSTMENTS